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The Texan by Anne Carey

5 Star Reviews!

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Review Rating: 5 Stars!

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

The Texan: A Tale of Betrayal & Revenge is a darkly humorous contemporary fiction novel written by Anne Carey. The plot touches on the ever-present and inbred racism of the Texas town Janet’s found herself in, and the effect it has on just about every facet of life. It’s sad to consider that things may not have changed that much all these years later. Anne Carey’s writing is breezy and assured. The Texan: A Tale of Betrayal & Revenge is highly recommended!



Review Rating: 5 Stars!

Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite

The Texan: A Tale of Betrayal & Revenge by Anne Carey is an unusual, well-written romance set against the backdrop of a little town in Texas in the 1980s, a story of what a woman can do when she is betrayed by the man she loves. BJ Brayden Jr lives in a world where sex and drugs are rife, the typical Texan bad-boy, but his life changes when he meets Janet Blake, who is in town on assignment for her NYC-based magazine. Anne Carey is a gifted writer with clear and powerful prose. The writing is highly descriptive and allows the reader to get a clear picture of what is taking place in the story. Her voice, communicated through the first person narrative, is unique and compelling. I enjoyed the cast of characters, and the way the author led readers into the setting. The plot is very compelling, and although one doesn’t get hooked immediately, the reader can’t ignore the writing and the solid characters. Carey is a master at building conflict and readers will certainly fall deeply for her plot. The Texan: A Tale of Betrayal & Revenge isn’t your ordinary, straightforward romance where you can guess the ending. There is a powerful twist in the plot that will rock your mind. It’s real. It’s so convincing that you’ll believe it!



Review Rating: 5 Stars!

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

The Texan by Anne Carey is a drama packed novel full of some of my favorite elements. First of all, it takes place in Texas so it can be comfortably called a southern novel. I’m a huge fan of well written southern novels thanks to a guy who recently passed away, the late great Pat Conroy. The Texan paints an accurate picture of southern life and, take it from a southerner, Anne Carey gets the details right. I observed a long time ago that the losers of the Civil War find it a lot harder to let go of that conflict than the winners, and that is one of the greatest divides in America today, although many Northerners never realize that unless they actually visit the South. Janet Blake is the perfect example. Around March, 1980, she moves from New York to San Antonio, Texas, where she soon meets Bobby Braden Junior and a hot romance quickly follows. The Texan: A Tale of Betrayal & Revenge is well-written and chock full of colorful characters that only the South can provide. I especially liked BJ’s momma, the busybody, Peggy Sue. The plot sounds very realistic to me, but some people not that familiar with the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan – and that particular good ole boy code and brotherhood that the South has had going on forever – might find it strange and a little unbelievable. The setting and particularly the dialogue are right on point. I found myself right back in the locales that I know so well. This is indeed a modern tale of revenge and betrayal and it is a very good read indeed.



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